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  • Ewan the Dream Sheep is the perfect toy to help your little one drift off to sleep at home or on the move.
  • Ewan has been specially designed with recognizable sounds that soothe baby at the exact base frequency they hear in the womb, this is the reason Ewan is so effective and putting baby's & toddlers gently to sleep.
  • Ewan has 4 different sounds built in to his plush interior that each play for 20 minutes on a auto shut off timer, these sounds are a calming heartbeat, soothing rain and vacuum sounds and finally the gentle sound of a harp being played.
  • All four sounds have been tested and proven to help baby to sleep due to their "pink noise" frequency, the soft plush exterior also has a calming pink glow from Ewan's chest, this pink glow helps to replicate the colours surrounding your baby in the womb.
  • Ewan can be used wherever and whenever your baby needs to sleep, whether thats on the move in their car seat or during their mid afternoon nap and especially at night.
  • Ewan is easy to suspended from the side of cots or moses basket thanks to the security attachment built in, it can also be used to attach soothers or teethers to. 
  • Ewan is powered by three replaceable AAA batteries.