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Trust the healing power of real Baltic amber to soothe and calm your teething toddler naturally, without resorting to medication. This necklace of teardrop-shaped Baltic amber beads releases a natural pain-relieving oil into the skin, easing the symptoms of teething and reducing inflammation while giving your little one’s immune system a natural boost. This is a 100% safe and natural way to banish baby’s teething blues.


How it works: Baltic Amber releases succinic acid when worn and warmed by the skin renowed for creating a  healing electromagnetic field.

Beneficial for:

Analgesic effect on sore or swollen gums

Reduces inflamation 

Clears red cheeks

Enhances frame of mind 

Reduces irritability

Improves sleep

Baltic amber baby necklace: 31 - 34 cm, screw claps. 100% certified Baltic amber

Warning: NOT FOR CHEWING. Not to be worn by children under the age of three years without adult supervision. Necklace can also be wrapped around the ankle.

Cleaning instruction

Wash with warm water, sun dry or dry with soft cloth.