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Baby Anklets have 2 sterling silver crab clasps so that they can be resized to any size from 0-18cm. These can be worn with or instead of a teething necklace.

Note: the more Amber your child wears the stronger the pain relieving effect. It is best to wear the Amber closest to the source of the pain.

Natural Baltic Amber is formed from fossilized tree resin from forests that were flooded by the sea millions of year ago. Containing an anti-inflammatory and analgesic substance called Succinic Acid it is part of ancient tradition for babies to wear Amber as a natural remedy to boost the immune system, soothe inflammation, and accelerate healing, especially when teething.


Amber creates a healing electromagnetic field. When worn, the heat of your baby’s body triggers the release of Succinic Acid, a naturally-occuring substance in our bodies. When this healing element is absorbed it:
• has an analgesic effect on sore and swollen gums
• reduces inflammation
• clears red cheeks
• stimulates the thyroid to reduce drooling
• enhances baby’s frame of mind
• reduces irritability and,
• improves sleep

Beware cheap imitations! Only real certified natural Baltic Amber has these healing properties.

Please note: Baltic Amber is a natural gemstone, therefor variations in colour and size occur.