Libelle Stroller

  • R 3,500.00
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Travel light with the Libelle buggy, for a trip that’s smooth, effortless and most of all fun!

With one of the smallest folds in the world, the Libelle buggy folds into a genius space-saving package that’s hand luggage compliant and easy to store in planes, trains or cars. Lightweight enough to make carrying a breeze and comfortable for sleepy children on the move, the Libelle is here to help you make the most out of your journey. 

  • Weighing only 5.9 kg, this compact buggy is fun to use, easy to pick up and carry, and can zip through your journey with ease.
  • he reclinable seat can be adjusted with one hand, allowing for individual riding comfort.
  • For quick and hassle-free storage on the go, the Libelle compact buggy folds easily into an ultra-compact package that’s hand luggage compliant.