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The most comfortable mattress for your baby – and all 100% natural.


  • We have searched high and low for the very best nesting cushion for your baby (pairing perfectly with our Ko-coon Natural Moses Basket) and we are super proud of our Merino Nesting Cushion.
  • Merino is 100% natural. The natural wool helps regulate body temperature – reducing the risk of overheating or excessive loss of body heat for newborn; keeping your baby snug in winter and cool in summer. The nesting cushion provides support whilst not placing undue pressure on your baby’s developing neck and head – it supports and soothes your baby’s small and growing body.
  • You will find our Nesting Cushion is a medium firmness. You can use it with our Ko-coon Natural Moses Basket or on its own, placed in a larger cot. When your baby outgrows it, use the nesting cushion with a pillow case as your child’s pillow.

Product details:

  • Use our Merino Nesting Cushion with our Mattress Protector Puddle Pads. These allow air to circulate freely and they are our natural alternative to plastic mattress protectors. Puddle Pads and fitted sheets will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning of the mattress itself.
  • For small stains, ‘spot’ hand wash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Rinse with cool water and allow to drain before drying flat. Ensure the mattress is totally dry before using it again.
  • Turn the mattress over and rotate each week. Air regularly.