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Nothing beats superiority of the wool for absorbing body moisture and regulating body temperature.

Ko Coon prefers to use as little plastic as possible in our products as we believe in the natural properties of merino wool and so we have developed our Ko-coon Mattress Protector Puddle Pad – the best solution to protecting your 100% Merino Nesting Cushion.

The Puddle Pad allows for great air circulation to your mattress, whilst at the same time absorbing any leaks or spills and keeping your mattress in tip-top condition.

The wool fibres can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture before feeling any damp.
Naturally hypoallergenic, wool repels mildew and dust mites; natural waterproof due to the lanolin.

Product details:

  • Measures approximately 40 x 60 cm. 
  • Place over the mattress and under the sheet. 
  • It can be used as a changing mat or to protect your car seat.
  • Hand-wash in lukewarm water using wool appropriate washing detergents.
  • Dry flat.