Nappy Organizer Basket - Boho

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Nappy changing is not optional, is part of rising a child.

We are living fast paced times and everyone is trying its best to make all-things-baby easier, simpler and affordable. But is more to that.. we add the element of versatility, natural beauty and preserving our heritage, supporting local communities, and protecting our planet - all for the sake of our babies we are so protective about.

This is our take on Nappy Changing Organizer - a beautifully woven basket/ little bag with handles. Made out of dry lalapalm leaves, the talented weavers combined 2 different woven styles to create an absolutely adorable little basket.

What a beautiful baby shower gift will this make! Once you passed the nappy stage, just imagine your little one hunting the chocolate eggs in the garden using this basket! Imaginative playing at its best! So many uses!


*Lead time 2 weeks