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The natural HEMP and ORGANIC COTTON are weaved into this incredibly soft fleece fabric to give the most amazing sensory experience from premies, newborns to older children and adults. 

It comes in 2 options:

Single layer: super soft fleece on one side. Perfect all year around.
Double layer: super soft fleece on both sides. Perfect in cold weather.
DISCLAIMER: "Soon-to-be your toddler security blanket. Expect strange attachments to the blanket, longer and deeper sleep and less skin irritation!"

Hemp is an antiallergen natural fiber, grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. It is completely waste-free, biodegradable and sustainable product. All non-dyed natural colors and smell.

Product details and properties:

  • Naturally breathable and temperature regulator (cool in summer and warmer in cooler weather);
  • Naturally weighted blanket, gives the right body pressure, ideal to comfort and sooth;
  • Due to its natural absorbent properties, it is perfect for leeks, accidents and sweat
  • Hemp naturally protects against bacteria, fungi and mites. Recommended for sensitive allergy prone skin
  • Due to its natural antibacterial properties, the natural hemp and satin silk ears are perfectly safe for baby and toddler's sensory experience (touch, feel, suck)
  • Note: Being a natural fiber, it will shrink slightly. Hand or gentle cycle wash with Woolite is recommended. Dry flat.
  • Fabric blanket: 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton
  • Fabric bunny ears: 60% Hemp and 40% silk satin
  • Size: 100x80
  • Note: The parents and grandparents deserve to have this luxurious sensory experience as well. The blanket promotes air circulation and moisture management. No sweat. We manufacture bigger sizes single / throw size: 200x160 cm.