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The Pebbly® bath thermometer is pre-set with the perfect baby water temperature and uses an ‘easy to read’ heart light to tell you when the temperature is just right.

It uses a super accurate sensor to measure the water 5 times per second and quickly tells you what you need to know.


• Easy-read display - even through bubbly water

• Modern "Pebble" design, inspired by nature

• Auto-on and off to save battery

• Floats in water

• Long battery life

• Lights attract baby, made with silicone so it’s nice for baby to play with

• Shake to wake it up

• Comes with batteries


Technical Spec:

• Size: 85mm long x 55mm wide x 40mm high

• Weight: 0.13kg

• Care: Avoid metal contacts when cleaning. Wipe clean with products.

• Batteries can be changed by removing the back panel. Supplied with 2 x CR2032 batteries.



• Pebbly should only be used as a guide. Always check the water temperature by hand before placing an infant into the water.

• BPA and phthalate Free

• Fully tested to all relevant EU standards

• The ideal water temperature is 37 Degrees Celsius

• Always keep your child within reach and never leave them for even a second at bath time.

Drowning can occur quickly and in just 2cm of water.

• Pebbly contains replaceable button batteries. Please keep batteries away from children. Waste electrical products/batteries should not be disposed of with household waste